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Pre-existing Conditions Generally Not Covered

The fact is that everyone needs health insurance coverage. Depending on your specific situation, whether you are an individual, if you have a family, if you own a business, if you have a disease, everyone needs coverage. Even if you don't have any health issues today, you don't know what you will have in the future, so having your health insurance needs met is imperative.

If you have a pre-existing condition you may have a more difficult time finding the right coverage for you, but there is still coverage available. Generally, pre existing conditions include AIDS, heart disease, diabetes, cancer, stroke, and many others. The health insurance plans and coverage that are offered will be the same, but if you have a pre-existing condition you will generally be required to pay a higher premium. In most cases the insurance company will evaluate your specific health issue and adjust the premium based on what anticipated future needs will be. You will have a more difficult time finding the coverage you need, but keep searching by all means that are available to you, and you will find your plan.

You will need to carefully evaluate and research all of your options to find the plan that best meets your needs. The cost of the premiums will be the key factor, if they are something you can afford within your existing budget or if they are totally unrealistic. If you are currently undergoing treatment for your condition, the premium you will be charged may be higher than if you have been free of your health issue for several years. If you have been free of your health issue for a lengthy period of time, hopefully your insurance company will reduce your premium in accordance with your reduced needs.